Amma Source

Lactation Consultation and Parenting Education

Welcome to Amma Source

Here at Amma Source we aim to change the way breastfeeding and parent education are taught on the web. As a veteran lactation consultant and seasoned midwife, Ami Burnham has worked tirelessly to ensure compassionate and evidence based care for her clients. With a push toward online content and resources clients often asked, "Where can I go to see videos on breastfeeding or get help online?" The only response was, "Nowhere." 

Amma Source is here to change that. By offering a place for breastfeeding and parenting education content, Amma Source will become a destination for support and education online. Over the next couple months we will be creating and sharing helpful online tutorials and videos, as well as discussion and resources for breastfeeding and lactation support, and parenting education. Our goal is to support your transition into parenthood, whether as a first time parent, or an experienced care giver, we're here to give you accurate and evidence-based advice and care. 


Amma Source is also where you can find Ami Burnham. To schedule lactation and parenting education visits with her directly please visit our contact page. Ami is also available for speaking engagements, guest lecturing, and corporate consulting on making your office a supportive breastfeeding positive work place.